Kosmetica convention: technology and sustainability 4.0, 12 June 2018

IDM Automation will be present as a sponsor and speaker at the conference organized by Kosmetica and KosmeticaWorld magazines focusing on the opportunities related to the fourth industrial revolution and the needs connected to sustainability.

Andrea Radaelli, head of the New Technology Department, will represent the company and will talk about what Industry 4.0 means for IDM Automation. Far beyond the common thought focused only on industrial automation to improve working conditions, the productive quality of the plants and the collaboration between operator and machines.

For IDM Automation it means giving an objective and renewed awareness of the real potential of the machines, of how they work, of how they can be more performing through the elaboration of DATA for entrepreneurs to make the most valid and flexible choices.

The conference will be held on June 12th at the headquarters of the publishing house Tecniche Nuove S.p.A., via Eritrea 21, Milan starting at 2.30 pm.

Download the complete schedule.